Mission statement

The mission is to provide high quality, engaging language education that nurtures fluency, cultural understanding, and a lifelong love for learning in homeschool students. 


By using innovative teaching approaches and fostering a vibrant sense of community, I aim to inspire students to become confident communicators, critical thinkers, and compassionate global citizens, connecting with the diverse world around them through language and cultural appreciation.

Teaching Philosophy

As a passionate and experienced language educator, my teaching philosophy focuses on:


How I Accomplish this Mission



Comprehensible Input (CI) is the foundation of my teaching practice, promoting natural language acquisition by providing students with captivating and accessible content in the target language. This approach enables students to learn Spanish in a way that mimics how we acquire our first language, making the learning process feel more intuitive and enjoyable.


Instead of overwhelming students with complex grammar rules that actually hinder language acquisition, I introduce essential grammar concepts in a balanced manner, integrating them into context-driven activities, and focusing always on authentic use first. This allows students to develop a solid foundation in Spanish mechanics while keeping the focus on meaningful communication.


Incorporating varied activities such as storytelling, role-playing, music, games, and creative projects caters to diverse learning styles and preferences. In every class, students practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking to develop well-rounded language skills, building their confidence in using the language effectively.



Understanding the unique needs of homeschool students, I am committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing learning atmosphere that encourages students to feel safe and seen. By building trust and rapport, I create an environment that promotes open communication, collaboration, and respect. This approach enables students to thrive academically and socially, as they develop strong connections with their peers and a sense of belonging within the learning community.



Designing lessons that elicit intrinsic motivation and incorporate elements fostering autonomy, mastery, and purpose ensures students are driven by their innate curiosity and passion for learning. 


By carefully crafting lessons that meet the specific needs of homeschool students, I empower them to become successful language learners and compassionate global citizens.

Invest in Your child's Language Learning Journey

By choosing Inspire Spanish classes for your homeschool students, you are investing in a language learning journey that combines innovative teaching approaches, nurturing environments, and personalized attention. 


Together, we will empower your children to become confident communicators, critical thinkers, and compassionate global citizens, ready to connect with the diverse world around them through language and cultural appreciation. 


I look forward to accompanying your children on this exciting and rewarding journey.

About Sra. Ana

Hi! I'm Ana Lohrmann, your Spanish teacher, tutor & coach. In addition to 18 years of teaching experience (in public, private, and homeschool environments), I am also a dual native speaker of English and Spanish with roots in the United States and Ecuador. 

Bachelor of Art in Education

Towson University, 2005

Graduate Level Courses in

Master of Arts in Teaching Program, 2008

Google Certified Educator

Level 1

Conventions & Workshops 

on Teaching World Languages

ACTFL, TPRS, Blaine Ray, and Fluency Fast to name a few

TESOL Certificate

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

I'm half way through earning this certificate through

Arizona State University

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